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We take care of your property using only the best quality products on the market. We are Surrey Trading Standards approved, accredited by Which Trusted Trader and Trustmark, Checkatrade members with over 500 reviews www.checkatrade.com/extreme and founder member of Verified by Trusted Trades.

If that reassurance isn’t enough we also have £5m employers and public liability insurance!

Extreme Clean Surrey will take care of all your cleaning needs with a wide range of top-quality services.
We regard ourselves as the ultimate provider of cleaning services across Surrey, providing comprehensive service so that our loyal customers receive the best quality work in the business.
You won't be disappointed with our team or the quality of the clean.
To get an immediate quote send us a WhatsApp message HERE and we'll get right back to you! Don't use WhatsApp? Click HERE to send us a message online

For more inquiries call us on 07549 291438 or 0203 6338001

How do we give you a quote?

Unless the job is commercial or especially large we quote using photos sent to us. Our preferred way of receiving the photos is by WhatsApp however we can accept photos by Facebook messenger or email. By quoting this way we can keep our overheads to a minimum and therefore remain very competitive. Our HOT water systems are very expensive to maintain and run so this way we can keep our pricing structure as low as possible.
Our Services


You'll hear us talk a lot about our HOT PURIFIED WATER window cleaning system.

Its what makes us unique and extremely proud of the quality of clean it brings.

As anyone who regularly does the dishes knows - the hotter the water the cleaner the clean!

And if you use a dishwasher when faced with a stubborn looking casserole or lasagna dish the first thing you'll do is select the highest temperature setting.

There is an actual science behind why hot water dissolves grease and grime - the hot water makes grease and grime molecules vibrate faster and faster, weakening their bonds so they are only loosely attached and behave like a liquid rather than a solid.

To get an immediate quote send us a WhatsApp message HERE with some pictures of your windows and we'll get right back to you! Don't use WhatsApp? Click HERE to send us a message online

Hard surface pressure washing

Patios, blockpaving and concrete paving is no match for our beast of a machine. Delivering water at 18litres per minute at 4000psi and powered by a 13 horsepower Briggs and Stratton engine dirt literally runs and hides. For lichen, algae and mould which has grown through the substrate we are fully licensed and trained in the use of commercial biocides and the use of softwash technology. For delicate stone and decking we have specialty products that thoroughly clean without any risk of damage from pressure washing. Whether it's the patio that needs blasting or the garden walls, a pressure washing service will banish every last speck of dirt! Quick and effective, let a pressure washing contractor have your exteriors clean in no time. Minimum charge £80.

Gutter vacuuming with CCTV

Gutters can easily become clogged up with leaves, insects, and other debris. A gutter cleaning service will clean any built-up matter, allowing the water to properly drain off your property once again.

We have the ultra powerful and extremely reliable Sky Vac system which will vacuum our gutters and downpipes up to the 3rd floor.

£3 Per linear metre - Minimum charge £40

UPVC Cleaning

UPVC is an easy-clean material that doesn’t need a regular cleaning, but still needs freshening up from time to time. Our friendly and reliable cleaners provide a range of comprehensive services, from conservatories to window panes.\n We can get rid of oxidisation, yellowing and black smears with our solvents that are guaranteed to protect the rubber and not damage it like other household products.

£3 Per linear metre - Minimum charge £60

UPVC Restoration

There is a difference between cleaning and restoration. Cleaning involves the removal of soiling that has deposited on the surfaces. Restoration is where the upvc has discoloured and where the dirt has actually caused staining.

It’s hard work and we have special safe chemicals and magic sponges which will get them shining again.

Although nobody can guarantee an “As new” finish we certainly get extremely close!

Patio, Decking and Driveway Cleaning

Love to spend time on your patio relaxing and entertaining but embarrassed about the dirt, grime, or stubborn stains that have taken over your beautiful space?

Then get in a professional patio cleaner to blast away the dirt and you'll be ready to entertain guests again in no time.

Conservatories and Conservatory Roof Cleaning

Did your conservatory or orangery cost £3000? £5000? £20,000? Yet the light isn’t streaming through as it should!

A conservatory is a great place to eat as part of a family, host parties or just to sit and relax, but only if it's clean and tidy.

Our reliable and friendly cleaners specialise in cleaning glass conservatories, using the best products in the industry to have your conservatory glistening in no time. We offer regular cleaning services or one-off visits.

Let team Extreme come and sort it out. With active chemicals which are tough on dirt but gentle on your investment plus the amazing HOT ULTRA PURIFIED water system you can consider the grime gone!

Minimum charge £60

Thanks Lee! Our windows look wonderfully sparkly & clean! Love the fact that the cleaning is done with a pole - rather than someone peering into the bedroom with a scruffy cloth! Excellent service, well priced - i would Highly recommend! Verified by Facebook – Window Cleaning Customer in Walton-On-Thames
Many thanks to Dene & Lee for such a professional service, our PVC doors and windows are now sparkling and we will continue with the cleaning regularly. Thanks guys! Verified by Facebook – Window Cleaning Customer in Walton-On-Thames
Really friendly and efficient and affordable service, windows and facia boards sparkling clean. Dene and Lee have been to clean my windows and conservatory roof twice now and I have to say they've done an excellent job. They are efficient, polite, organised and best of all do fabulous job. Thoroughly recommend them. Verified by Facebook – Window Cleaning Customer in Walton-On-Thames
Brilliant service! Just wanted a one off clean as the sun shows the dirty windows oops! Contacted last night and this morning they were done ? Brilliant and even a £5 discount as it didn’t take as long as expected. Highly recommend!! Verified by Facebook – Window Cleaning Customer in Walton-On-Thames
Hot Purified Water Window Cleaning
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