Can We Clean Windows In The Rain?

Should my window cleaner be cleaning my windows in the rain? 

Well the answer is Yes… and No! 

Is Rain Water Pure Water?

Basically it is down to science and the methods used. We only use ultra-pure water to clean the windows and we also clean the frames each and every time. Rainwater is almost pure water and on its own won’t cause spotting on the windows and if it does then the dirt would have come from the frames. That’s not an issue with the water-fed pole method as the frames are cleaned at the same time. 


However, traditional window cleaners only use normal water with a detergent (washing up liquid) and they don’t clean the whole frame. This means when it rains the dirt from the top of the frame drips onto the clean glass causing spotting. 


Also because soap dries slightly sticky, it attracts dirt, and because the squeegee blade pushes the soap into rubber seals around the glass the dirt builds up there. The soap is also why traditional window cleaners usually repeat their customers every 2-4 weeks whereas pure water window cleaners tend to work on a 6-weekly schedule as the windows stay clean longer. 


We window cleaners carefully monitor the type of rain as sometimes it has sand from the Sahara in it and if that’s forecasted we tend not to clean as the rainwater is highly contaminated with solids. You may have noticed the state of your vehicles after a sandy downpour.

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